Ultraman 1966:


Ultraman (renewal version)

Ultraman Zoffy

Zoffy Special Set (renewal version) Tamashii Web Exclusive


Ultra Seven 1967:

Ultra Seven

Ultra Seven (renewal version)

the Return of Ultraman 1971:

Ultraman Jack

Ultraman Ace 1972:

Ultraman Ace

Ultraman Taro 1973:

Ultraman Taro

Ultra of Father Tamashii Web Exclusives

Ultra of Mother Tamashii Web Exclusives

Ultraman Leo 1974:

Ultraman Leo

Ultraman Leo (renewal version)

Ultraman Astra

Ultraman Astra (renewal version) Tamashii Web Exclusive

Ultraman King Tamashii Web Exclusives

The Ultraman 1979 anime version:

Ultraman Jonias (Anime version) Tamashii Web Exclusive

Ultraman Jonias (Live version) Tamashii Web Exclusive

Ultraman 80 1980:

Ultraman 80 Tamashii Web Exclusive

Andro Melos 1981:

Andro Melos/Zoffy

Ultraman USA 1987 animation:

Ultraman Great 1990:

Ultraman Powered 1993:

Ultraman Powered (prototype)

Ultraman Zearth 1996:

Ultraman Tiga 1996:

Ultraman Tiga Multi Type

Ultraman Tiga Power Type

Ultraman Tiga Sky Type

Ultraman Tiga  Dark Type

Ultraman evil Tiga

Ultraman Tiga Multi Type (renewal version)

Ultraman Dyna 1997:

Ultraman Dyna Flash Type

Ultraman Dyna Strong Type

Ultraman Dyna Miracle Type

Ultraman Gaia 1998:

Ultraman Gaia V2

Ultraman Gaia Supreme Version

Ultraman Agul

Ultraman Nice 1999:

Ultraman Neos 2000:

Ultraman Cosmos 2001:

Ultraman Nexus 2004:

Ultraman Nexus

Ultraman Nexus Juni Blue

Ultraman Noa Tamashii Web Exclusive

Dark Zagi Tamashii Web Exclusive

Ultraman Max 2005:

Ultraman Max

Ultraman Mebius 2006:

Ultraman Mebius

Ultraman Mebius (renewal version)

Ultraman Hikari Tamashii Web Exclusive

Ultra Galaxy Legends the Movie 2009:

Ultraman Zero

Ultraman Zero (renewal version)

Ultraman Belial

Ultraman Zero the Revenge of Belial 2010:

Ultimate Ultraman Zero

Mirror Knight



Ultraman Zero Gaiden: Killer the Beatstar 2012:


Ultraman Ginga 2013:

Ultraman Ginga

Ultraman Ginga S 2014:

Ultraman Manga 2011:

Ultraman (Manga Version) Ultra Act x SH Figuarts

Ultraman (Manga Version) unmasked Ultra Act x SH Figuarts Tamashii Web Exclusive

Ultraman suit version 7.2 Ultra Act x SH Figuarts Tamashii Web Exclusive

Ultraman Ace suit Tamashii Web Exclusive

Denkou Choujin Gridman 1993/Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad 1994:


King Gridman Tamashii Web Exclusive

Thunder Gridman Tamashii Web Exclusive

Zenon/Xenon Tamashii Web Exclusive


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