Bandai Japan released new Super Robot Chogokin line Super Sentai.

DaiZyuJin/Dino Megazord from Zyuranger/MMPR S1,Ryusei-Oh/Red Dragonzord Warrior Mode from Dairanger/MMPR S2 and Geki Touja/Jungle Pride Megazord Gekiranger/Power Rangers Jungle Fury.

not bad cool poses Articulations comparison Retrofire Megazord toy by Bandai America

I wish released Gosei Great from Goseiger and SH Figuarts too Goseiger Gosei Red,Pink,Black,Yellow and Blue I saw Gosei Knight coming in April 2012 Tamashii Web Exclusive and my wish Super Robot Chogokin Kakuranger/Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers Muteki Shogun/Shogun Megazord my favorite zord I remember was a kid before my Birthday my Aunt give me for my birthday presents Shogun Megazord toy but I lost Red Shogunzord and Red Dragonzord its broker maybe I buy for Ebay something .


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