Power Rangers Super Megaforce Action Hero Mighty Morphin Red Alien Ranger Review by Bandai America

Power Rangers Super Megaforce Action Hero Mighty Morphin Red Alien Ranger Review by Bandai America

Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers in 1996 TV Series Mini-Series shorts Episode have 10 Episodes

also known as Ninja Sentai Kakuranger in 1994 TV Series

TV Asahi Friday Night alongside with Sunday Morning Blue SWAT

While the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are under an evil spell, Zordon summons the Alien Rangers to protect the Earth. As the Red Ranger, Aurico serves as their field commander and leads the team in the fight against Lord Zedd and his cronies!

The Red Aquitian Ranger. He was portrayed by David Bacon. As field commander, Aurico leads the Rangers in battle, and devises strategies that ensure victory. Years later he joined 9 other red rangers to fight the Machine Empire on the moon. He did not appear unmorphed in this episode, and was voiced by Christopher Glenn.

also back in 2007 15th anniversary of Power Rangers but Disney hates Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers but thanks to Saban Brands back to the Alien Rangers back in 20th anniversary of Power Rangers in 2013 later 2014.

IMG_0059 IMG_0060 IMG_0062 IMG_0063 IMG_0064 IMG_0065 IMG_0066 IMG_0068 IMG_0069

Sasuke: who are you Hyuuuga: I’m you we are the same actor in Japanese we are Teruaki Ogawa






yeah Ninja Red/Sasuke the same actor to BullBlack II Hyuuga also another voice actor for anime Transformers Beast Wars Neo Mach Kick Maximals Horse and Happiness Charge Precure Cure Lovely a.k.a. Megumi Aino’s Father Masaru Aino.

I like Ninja Red suit actor by Seiji Takaiwa a.k.a. Mr.Kamen Rider also another Tokusatsu Characters suit

Super Sentai series first Dragonranger from Zyuranger,Mega Blue from Megaranger,Ginga Red from Gingaman,Go Red from GoGoV,Time Red from Timeranger and Magi Red from Magiranger

Kamen Rider series first Riderman suit in Black RX,current the Legendary of Heisei Riders (Agito-Blade,Kabuto-Drive) but except no Kuuga and Hibiki instead Time Red and Magi Red suits

Metal Heroes series B-Fighter Genji from B-Fighter Kabuto also active Julio Rivera/B-Fighter Genji played by Seiji Takaiwa

also new 39th Super Sentai coming next years 2015 Shuriken Sentai Ninninger


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