Magiranger Magi Shine Mini Vinyl Figure Review By Bandai

Magiranger Magi Shine Mini Vinyl Figure Review By Bandai

Mahou Sentai Magiranger in 2005 TV Series

TV Asahi Sunday Morning alongside with Kamen Rider Hibiki and Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart 2005

Magi Shine is the Sixth Ranger of Magiranger also known as Solaris Knight from Power Rangers Mystic Force


Hikaru a.k.a. Heavenly Saint Sungel played by Yousuke Ichikawa

also Daggeron played by John Tui who voice Doggie Cruger from Power Rangers SPD

Magi Shine suit actor by Jiro Okamoto-san

100_2389 100_2390 100_2391

only arms articulations only problem weighs can move only pop-up


size comparison with my Gokai Red Vinyl Figure I’m done my review Gokai Red too big

100_2393 100_2394 100_2395

The character is awesome,but I love if Bandai Japan can also make a SH Figuarts Timeranger,Magiranger and Goseiger please

yeah don’t buy american version toys only problem except normal Solaris Knight Figure

Solaris Knight to Legendary Locomotive

12 inch figure Battlized Solaris Knight

also this is repaint 12 inch Ninja Storm Battlizer

Solar Tracker

Morphmax Battlized Solaris Knight

Legendary Phoenix Solaris Knight

Solaris Knight Radio Control Cycle

Solaris Knight Action Dragon

Cycle Morphin Solaris Knight

Solaris Knight with Lion Speeder

Bandai America FAIL Missing Solaris Knight Normal version also Bandai Japan MagiShine with Skyarpet Set

Bandai Japan please make SH Figuarts Super Sentai released Timeranger,Magiranger and 5 Rangers Goseiger


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