reveal Super Sentai 38th Ressha Sentai ToQger




Ressha Sentai ToQger logo


Tokkyuger Suits design just little silly and Tokkyu-Oh

Five Rangers colors

ToQ 1/Red

ToQ 2/Blue

ToQ 3/Yellow

ToQ 4/Green

ToQ 5/Pink



man Tokkyu-Oh Vehicle Trains many Sentai Train Vehicle GoGoV/Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Grand Liners /Super Train Megazord, Magiranger/Power Rangers Mystic Force Travelion/Solar Streak Megazord and Go-Onger/Power Rangers RPM Kyoretsu-Oh/Paleomax Megazord

Mecha Super Robot combiner Red,Blue and Green Torso and Blue and Green Legs Yellow and Pink form Arms


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