Toy Fair 2013 in Picture newest coming Transformers,Power Rangers,DC,Marvel and TMNT


Transformers Prime Season 3 Beast Hunters:

Predacon Skystalker

Prime Beast Hunter Autobot Ratchet but look like Dinobot from Beast Wars

Prime Ultra Magnus repaint Optimus Prime

Predacon Grimwing

Transformers Generations:

Wow Generations Metroplex its HUGE man!!!! that’s freaking awesome

Young Orion Pax later known as Optimus Prime

Megatron Jet Mode Stealth like G2

Trailbreaker/Trailcutter Generations Classics line awesome I known Hasbro never called Trailbreaker tradermark for copyright exists now recalled Trailcutter

also please Hasbro I wish I want repaint color Green Autobot Hoist please

Power Rangers Megaforce:

Megaforce Rangers Ultra Mode/Super Goseiger

Metallic MMPR Red Ranger and MMPR White Ranger the same repaint MMPR 2010 toy line and Metallic Lost Galaxy Red Ranger brand new toy

Metallic Megaforce Rangers with Robot Knight

Power Rangers 20th anniversary:

Import Megazord series original Japanese Toy Super Sentai I want that’s toy DX Shinken-Oh and DX Gosei Great must better Japanese toy line

Legacy Dino Megazord die-cast it’s Just Beautiful and Gorgeous just like old-school MMPR Megazord box I want Die-Cast also have Power Sword Chrome

SH Figuarts Super Sentai and Super Robot Chogokin Bluefin also Bandai Japan I want 5 Goseiger Red,Pink,Black,Yellow and Blue only Gosei Knight release SH Figuarts I want 5-Rangers Goseiger

Marvel Legends:

90s Jean Grey design Jim Lee

Marvel Universe:

Iron Man 3:

Thor 2:

DC Comics:


Pac-Man toy line Bandai

D-Arts Megaman

D-Arts Dukemon from Digimon Tamers and Terry Bogard from 94 Fatal Fury/the King of Fighters



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