Transformers Animated Blackarachnia Deluxe Class Review by Hasbro

Transformers Animated Blackarachnia Deluxe Class Review by Hasbro

Transformers Animated in 2007 TV Series

Blackarachnia originally before Autobot Elita-1 girlfriend Optimus Prime also animated Optimus Prime’s rival Sentinel “Jerk” Prime.

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Blackarachnia: Rider Kick!!!!!!!!!!!



Animated series

Among the Nemesis Crew, Blackarachnia abandoned ship to evade an explosion that took out most of the Nemesis. By present time, revealed in the comic, Blackarachina found Starscream by accident and offer they would team up to get the Allspark together with Starscream jettisoning her to space. But she secretly planted a homing device on him, leading her to Earth duringBumblebee & Bulkhead’s first Halloween, poisoning them before abducting Sari Sumdac with Optimus in pursuit. She then finally reveals herself to him, with Optimus shocked as she then tries to use the Allspark key to rid herself of her organic beast mode. The result sent out energy that sucks out the life out of organics, also nearly killing Blackarachnia in the process until Prime removes the key, restoring everything to normal. Though Prime offers to help her out, she poisons Prime and runs off. She later returns prior to Megatron’s arrival, capturing Sari to take the key, only for them to have a slight conversation about being abandoned, before Sari deceives Blackarachnia into taking her to the AllSpark, having the Decepticon wander into circles before Ratchet then raised the Autobot’s ship, and knocking Blackarachnia out of the sky.

However, Blackarachnia survived the fall and washed up on Dinobot island where she was cared for by the Dinobots, who quickly became enamoured with her. She uses this to her advantage, convincing the Dinobots to break outMeltdown, in hopes of using his biotech expertise to remove her organic side. In order to have Meltdown get the genetic modifier needed for it, Blackarachnia poisoned Bumblebee and Prowl with an extra-large dose of her venom, offering the antidote to Optimus if he helped Grimlock get the modifier from Meltdown’s old lab at Sumdac Tower. However, Meltdown later double-crosses her when they are about to start, intending to wipe out her technological half and use her pure-organic body to achieve his own set of plans. But Optimus stopped the experiment in time and Blackarachnia uses Grimlock’s love for her to make her escape, leaving the antidote behind as she promised. Apparently, though she resents Optimus for abandoning her in the past, she seems to still harbor feelings toward him, making Optimus speculate that there is still something left of Elita-1 within her.

Using Meltdown’s lab, she continued her attempts of discarding her organic attributes by having Swoop abduct Wasp while on the run from the Elite Guard, using her charm to make Wasp think she was a friend to trick him into letting letting her experiment on him using Transwarp energy. As Wasp reformats into Waspinator, Sentinel Prime arrives and learns the truth behind Elita’s fate as he attempts to kill Blackarachina, knocking off her helmet in the process. But once Optimus joins the fray, Blackarachina reveals her intent with Waspinator as he overheard while the Transwarp energy inside him starts to overflow. Blackarachina sacrifices herself so the transwarp explosion only covers her and Waspinator. Unbeknownst to the Autobots and the Elite Guard, Waspinator and Blackarachnia ended up in an African jungle, where Blackarachnia encountered a rhinocerosgorillarat, and “cheetah” (a reference to the original Beast Wars Maximals).[original research?] Blackarachnia and Waspinator’s fates were left up in the air by the end of the series some time later.


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