Power Rangers Samurai 4 Inch Mega Mode Green Ranger Samurai Review By Bandai

Power Rangers Samurai 4 Inch Mega Mode Green Ranger Samurai Review By Bandai

Power Rangers Samurai in 2011 and Super Samurai in 2012

Mike Green Samurai Ranger but not to be confused name Mike Corbett a.k.a. Magna Defender from Lost Galaxy and Samurai Star Green Ranger a.k.a Cameron “Cam” Watanabe from Ninja Storm

Mike is an avid video gamer and the lazy rebel of the group. He is very close friends to Kevin and Emily. Mike also wants to be as strong as Jayden therefore sometimes trains rigorously to improve his skills.

Being the slacker of the group, he is very irresponsible and once skipped out on training when he felt that he was not doing well to hang out with his old friends. He can also be somewhat cocky and tends to joke around, but he is kind and usually means well. While Mike is not as skilled as Jayden and Kevin, Mike is very crafty and tricky sometimes outwitting what would otherwise be a difficult enemy. His creativity is what allows him to defeat tough opponents.

He often clashes with Kevin however they are still the best of friends. He respects Kevin’s stronger technique but will often deny it. Mentor Ji had trouble trainning him at first due to his lifestyle but later they become more co-operative and Mike improves his Symbol Power allowing him to access the powers of the Beetle Disk.

As the Green Ranger, he is the Samurai of the Forest and can use the Black Box to access his Super Mode or the Shark Disk to access Shark Attack Mode. When piloting a zord he morphs into his Megamode form. He will morph into Super Mega Mode or Mega Shark Mode if he was in Super Mode or Shark Attack mode prior to morphing. Using the Shogun Buckle he can access Shogun Mode.

Forest Spear


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