Power Rangers RPM Throttle Max Ranger Red Review By Bandai

Power Rangers RPM Throttle Max Ranger Red Review By Bandai

Power Rangers RPM 2009 TV Series channel ABC Kids this is Last for Disney Power Rangers RPM final season however thanks to Haim Saban brought back the Power Rangers also released Power Rangers Samurai based on Samurai Sentai Shinkenger now in channel on Nickelodeon also Power Rangers Samurai coming soon team-up with RPM based on Samurai Sentai Shinkenger vs Go-Onger but real rumor for Tensou Sentai Goseiger be rumors to be soon called Power Rangers Mega Force be cameo scene

Throttle Max Ranger Red almost like Battlizer armor.

first Power Rangers in Space 1998

Red Ranger Andros Battlizer control by Delta Megazord button number 03 is Battlizer Armor in episode Mission to Secret City but Super Sentai never use Battlizer Denji Sentai Megaranger Battlizer button 03 not Armor.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy 1999

Red Ranger Leo Corbett only use Red Armored Ranger in episode Facing the Past.

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue 2000

Red Ranger Carter Grayson use Motorcycle Armor Chest called Trans Armor Cycle in episode Sorcerer of the Sands also Alongside with Blue Ranger Chad Lee and Green Ranger Joel Rawlings non-Battlizer called Mega Battle Armor in episode The Mighty Mega Battle.

Power Rangers Time Force 2001

Red Ranger Wesley Collins he found Orion light the White Knight talk Wes use Battle Armor Warrior now defeats A Black Knight in episode Beware the Knight” also Alongside with Quantum Ranger Eric Myers use Mega Battle Armor he fighting a Giants Mutant Prisoner Monsters Conwing in episode Quantum Secrets.

Power Rangers Wild Force 2002

Org General Nayzor is death who defeats Silver Ranger Merrick later Nayzor he’s Return revive called Super Nayzor. Super Nayzor Attack Killer Yellow Ranger Taylor,Blue Ranger Max,Black Ranger Danny and White Ranger Alyssa who sacrificed based on Gaoranger episode. Red Ranger Cole and Silver Ranger Merrick (I don’t like Called Lunar Wolf Ranger better called Silver Ranger because its color Silver Sentai say Silver) now we defeats Super Nayzor Cole new weapons use called Falcon Summoner like Bow Arrow only Summon to Wild Force Falcon Zord but Cole fighting Super Jindrax and Super Toxica Cole use the Belt Bucket like MMPR  the Armor called Animarium Armor in episode The Wings Of Animaria.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm 2003

Shane Clarke dream the spirits woman Skyla save Shane. Shane Red Wind Ranger fighting evil Space Alien Ninja General Vexacus Shane use new Wind Morphers Battlizer armor in Episode Shane’s Karma Part 1 and 2.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder 2004

Conner McKnight Red Dino Ranger use form Triassic Ranger fighting General Zeltrax. Triassic Ranger use Triassic Morpher in use Battlizer Armor in episode The Passion Of Connor.

Power Ranger SPD 2005

Jack Landors use Battlizer alongside with R.I.C. Robot Dog Cyber Mode  1 but kinda Silly and Cyber Mode 2 with Battlizer Armor also Sky Tate he originally was Red Ranger like Sky’s Father who death (Note: Also Red Ranger Time Force suit)  in episode Reflection Part 1 & 2. (Note: also Super Sentai Toei released Battlizer only Sentai movie Team-Up Deka Red Ban Akaza use Battlizer with Murphy K9 in Mahou Sentai Magiranger vs Dekaranger movie.)

Power Rangers Mystic Force 2006

Nick Russell use Battlizer Armor alongside with Fire Hear the Dragon merge Together called Red Dragon Fire Ranger more look like Armor Samurai also face Helmet look like Kamen Rider Hibiki the Same years Magiranger and Kamen Rider Hibiki in 2005 for Japan.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive 2007

Mack Hartford he sadly he’s not Human he’s Android Robot Mack father he Creator Mack he want to be Human also not Mother. Mack Hartford fighting to Kamdor Mack use Sentinel Knight we Together the Battlizer Armor called Red Sentinel Ranger in episode Things Not Said.

Sadly not Jungle Fury in Battlizer only Toy Exclusive but Disney they Stop the Battlizer Armor also Jungle Fury only Comic Book and RPM not Battlizer too also Adventure Set toy figure also repaint High Octane Megazord based on Engine Dai-Shogun in Go-Onger the Movie also Power Ranger Samurai be Soon Red Shogun Battlizer Armor exist is real. also five Goseiger use Super Goseiger almost like Battlizer Armor and Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Gokai Silver use Gold more look like Battlizer chest 15 Sixth Rangers Helmet like Kamen Rider Decade.


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