Transformers Reveal the Shield Gold Bumblebee a.k.a. Goldbug and Prowl Review By Hasbro


I got to Long Beach Comic-Con 2011 $ 5+5=10

but why Hasbro why can’t called Goldbug not Gold Bumblebee because its Goldbug colors Gold I remember G1 Bumblebee change new Body called Goldbug also this is repaint Classics Universe 2.0. Bumblebee,also Japanese Exclusive Cliffjumper and Toys R US Exclusive Dark of the Moon line movie Bumblebee and repaint Bumblebee Cyberverse vs movie Starscream and repaint Cybertron Starscream.

Prowl Legends Class my favorite Vehicle Mode remind me anime Brave series Da-Garn and J-Decker.



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