Transformers Classics Universe 2.0. Dinobot Review By Hasbro


Dinobot Terrorize and Maximize Dinobot from Beast Wars Transformers 1996 TV Series first Dinobot is Predacons Episode 2 now is Maximals Beast Wars Season 2 Dinobot Died Sacrificed also Beast Wars Season 3 Dinobot Evil Clone Predacon Dinobot II Transmetal 2

Dinobot Voice Actor: Scott Mcneil its awesome also Scott the same with Waspinator,Silverbolt and Rattrap from Beast Wars Transformers,Jetfire from Transformers Armada and Energon,Snarl and Backstop from Transformers Cybertron,Duo Maxwell from new Mobile Suits Gundam Wing,Wolverine from X-Men Evolution,Edward and Al Father from Fullmetal Alchemist,Protomon and Dr.Wily from Megaman Cartoon 1994,Gutsman.EXE from Megaman NT Warrior and second voice Cobra Commander from G.I. Joe 1989 (DIC)


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